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It’s once again time to recognize the best achievements of 2006 with the Online Film & Television Association’s 11th Annual Film Awards.

Dreamgirls was the big vote-getter in this year’s award receiving a staggering 21 nominations, tying the records set and matched by fellow musicals Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Even if the film only received one nomination in each of the Original Song and Adapted Song categories, it would still have 16 nominations, four more than its nearest competitor. Martin Scorsese’s The Departed came in second with twelve nods followed closely by Children of Men with 11. Each of these films was selected as a nominee for Best Picture of the year. Alongside these pictures is the four-place nomination total of The Queen with 10 and United 93 which also received nominations for editing and directing.

For a full list of the nominees and the totals, check out the Awards Page and its link to the 11th Annual awards.

The 10th Annual Online Film & Television Association awards for excellence in television were announced Tuesday, August 29, 2006. Miniseries Bleak House was the year’s big winner with five trophies. Arrested Development, Lost and The West Wing each received three awards. See the Awards section of our site for more information on this year’s winners.

Also announced are this year’s inductees into the Hall of Fame. Check out that section of the website for more information on those recipients.

The nominations have been announced for the 2006 Television Awards. Topping the nomination count was Masterpiece Theater’s miniseries Bleak House. Taking 11 nominations, it beat out broadcast series Arrested Development and Scrubs with 9 nominations each. Elizabeth I, Mrs. Harris and The West Wing followed those up with 8 nominations each.

The Simpsons which will soon, if it keeps going, become broadcast history’s longest running scripted primetime program. Here is records history with the longest break between Best Comedy Series nominations. This is its third nomination in the category but first since the 2nd Annual Awards.

The West Wing inched its final tally higher this year to 92 total nominations keeping its record intact. While the first three years saw Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ER capture enough nominations to bring them near or above this total, there were separate categories for Syndicated Series and Overall Series that were not present the following 7 years, thus pull several nominations out of consideration. As it stands now, Deep Space Nine, which officially has 109 nominations and ER, with potentially record breaking 90 nominations, have their totals revised to 34 and 71 respectively. The West Wing has ended its run. Its closest rivals include ER (21 nominations behind and still in production), The Sopranos (also at 71 nominations but ending its run shortly) and Will & Grace (also at 71 nominations but already cancelled). It does not appear likely that any of the other series that may go for a few more years (Scrubs and The Simpsons each with 51 nominations) will be able to break the virtually impenetrable record of The West Wing.

Other interesting facts abound. ER received no nominations in the last awards and thus falls out of consideration of this next impressive statistic. The Simpsons is the only primetime series that has managed a nomination in every single year of the OFTA’s Awards.

After celebrating 10 years of awards excellence, it’s time to bring about a change to the website. We’ve stuck with the old format and look for quite some time. Now, we’re presenting everything in a new layout and format that should hopefully provide an easier navigation. We’ll attempt to keep the information the same and update it as frequently as possible.

To start everything off, we announce the nominations for our 2006 Television Awards. For two years, we have run the Film and Television awards at the same time of the year; however, to better align ourselves with television season as it is, we’re shifting everything back to the way it was. The 2006 awards will cover the period from January 1, 2006 to May 31, 2006. Next year, our awards will return to the period from June 1 (2006) through May 31 (2007).

See our Awards section for a full list of nominees and a recap follows in our next news section below.