Film Hall of Fame Inductees: Architects

This area is currently under construction. Please find below the current list of inductees as well as the year in which they were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the members of the OFTA. Please note that the most recent additions have been listed like this. We are working on an area to give more details on our selections.

From the inception of the Hall of Fame through 2008, inductees were submitted under one of three designations Directing (D), Writing (W), or Producing (P). Some individuals were inducted under more than one area, thus appearing in the list multiple times.

As of 2009, a new set of guidelines was adopted for inducting architects into the Hall of Fame. Individuals considered for the Directing, Writing & Producing category could be inducted once and it would be for their contribution in these areas, even if they took on more than one job on any number of films. Below, the original induction dates and designations of those inductees submitted prior to 2009 are listed. New inductees have no designations other than year of induction.

2006/1998: Woody Allen (D/W)
2004: Robert Altman (D)
2002: Ingmar Bergman (D/W)
2006: Mel Brooks (W)
2007: Luis Buñuel (D)
2001: Frank Capra (D)
2008: Charles Chaplin (D)
2007: Paddy Chayefsky (W)
2003: Francis Ford Coppola (D/P)
2007: George Cukor (D)
2012: Michael Curtiz
2015: Cecil B. DeMille
1997: Walt Disney (P)
2014: Clint Eastwood
2013: Blake Edwards
2004: Federico Fellini (D/W)
1998: John Ford (D)
2006: Arthur Freed (P)
2007: Samuel Goldwyn (P)
2009: D.W. Griffith
2005: Howard Hawks (D)
1997/2008: Alfred Hitchcock (D/P)
2003/2000: John Huston (D/W)
2016: Norman Jewison
2000: Chuck Jones (W)
2006: Elia Kazan (D)
2009: Buster Keaton
2016: Stanley Kramer
1998/2001/2005: Stanley Kubrick (D/P/W)
2000: Akira Kurosawa (D)
2009: Fritz Lang
2000: David Lean (D)
2003: Ernest Lehman (W)
2016: Ang Lee
2008: Sergio Leone (D)
2011: Ernst Lubitsch
2013: Sidney Lumet
2010: The Lumière Brothers
2014: David Lynch
2001: Louis Malle (W)
2002: Joseph L. Mankiewicz (W)
2012: Leo McCarey
2013: Vincente Minnelli
2010: Hayao Miyazaki
2010: F.W. Murnau
2016: Mike Nichols
2011: Sam Peckinpah
2016: Sydney Pollack
2011: Michael Powell
1999: Martin Scorsese (D)
1999: David O. Selznick (P)
2004: Neil Simon (W)
1997: Steven Spielberg (D/P)
2015: George Stevens
2015: Oliver Stone
2005: Preston Sturges (W)
2014: Quentin Tarantino
2008: Irving G. Thalberg (P)
2005: Francois Truffaut (D)
1999: Orson Welles (D)
2002/1999: Billy Wilder (D/W)
2001: William Wyler (D)
1998: Darryl F. Zanuck (P)
2012: Fred Zinnemann