Hall of Fame Inductees: Support

This area is currently under construction. Please find below the current list of inductees as well as the year in which they were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the members of the OFTA. Please note that the most recent additions have been listed like this. We are working on an area to give more details on our selections.

2007: Dede Allen (Editing)
2007: Nestor Almendros (Cinematography)
1999: Rick Baker (Makeup)
2001: John Barry (Music)
2008: Saul Bass (Titles)
2012: Busby Berkeley (Choreography)
2000: Irving Berlin (Music)
2002: Elmer Bernstein (Music)
2016: Leonard Bernstein (Music)
2013: Damien Bona (Historian)
2016: Milena Canonero (Costume Design)
2002: Jack Cardiff (Cinematography)
2013: Anne V. Coates (Editing)
2005: Roger Deakins (Cinematography)
2001: Hans Dreier (Production Design)
2013: Roger Ebert (Criticism)
2010: Sergei Eisenstein (Editing)
1999: Danny Elfman (Music)
2003: Dante Ferretti (Production Design)
2008: George Gershwin (Music)
1998: Cedric Gibbons (Production Design)
1998: Jerry Goldsmith (Music)
2000: Conrad L. Hall (Cinematography)
2014: Marvin Hamlisch (Music)
2004: Oscar Hammerstein II (Music)
2008: John Harkness (Criticism)
2011: Ray Harryhausen (Visual Effects)
1997: Edith Head (Costume Design)
1999: Bernard Herrmann (Music)
2003: James Wong Howe (Cinematography)
2010: Maurice Jarre (Music)
2012: Pauline Kael (Criticism)
2004: Michael Kahn (Editing)
2015: Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Music)
2016: Charles Lang (Cinematography)
2015: Ernest Laszlo (Cinematography)
1998: Henry Mancini (Music)
2003: Alan Menken (Music)
2011: Johnny Mercer (Music)
2001: Arthur C. Miller (Cinematography)
2002: Ennio Morricone (Music)
2006: Walter Murch (Editing)
2005: Walter Murch (Sound)
2007: Dennis Muren (Visual Effects)
2001: Alfred Newman (Music)
2004: Randy Newman (Music)
2016: Alex North (Music)
1998: Sven Nykvist (Cinematography)
2009: Cole Porter (Music)
2014: Sandy Powell (Costume Design)
2014: Robert Richardson (Cinematography)
2006: Miklos Rozsa (Music)
2004: Thelma Schoonmaker (Editing)
2015: Gene Siskel (Criticism)
2000: Max Steiner (Music)
1999: Vittorio Storaro (Cinematography)
2016: Harry J. Stradling Sr. (Cinemat.)
2016: Richard Taylor (Special Effects)
2003: Dmitri Tiomkin (Music)
2000: Gregg Toland (Cinematography)
2010: Franz Waxman (Music)
2009: Haskell Wexler (Cinematography)
2012: Lyle R. Wheeler (Production Design)
1997: John Williams (Music)
2008: Gordon Willis (Cinematography)
2002: Stan Winston (Visual Effects)
2009: Robert Wise (Editing)
2011: Freddie Young (Cinematography)