Television Hall of Fame Inductees: Acting

This area is currently under construction. Please find below the current list of inductees as well as the year in which they were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the members of the OFTA. Please note that the most recent additions have been listed like this. We are working on an area to give more details on our selections.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Hall of Fame inductees are selected based on three primary considerations: the historic, aesthetic, and cultural significance of each inductee. In recent years, the controversiality of a production or an individual inducted into the Hall of Fame calls into question the production’s or the individual’s inclusion. Once an inductee is made part of the Hall of Fame, they will not be removed for any reason. We will however acknowledge the toxicity of certain productions or individuals and will do our best to note this where possible. Please see our footnotes for details. If you see something of a controversial nature that has not been addressed, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to acknowledge it.

— A —

1999: Alan Alda
2005: Gracie Allen
2010: Steve Allen
2011: Eve Arden
2007: Desi Arnaz
1998: Beatrice Arthur
1998: Edward Asner
2018: Fred Astaire
2008: Gene Autry
2016: Hank Azaria

— B —

1997: Lucille Ball
2013: Roseanne Barr *
2006: Jack Benny
2016: Candice Bergen
1998: Milton Berle
2020: Mel Blanc
1997: Carol Burnett
2005: George Burns
2010: Raymond Burr

— C —

2005: Sid Caesar
2008: Art Carney
2008: Johnny Carson
2016: Nancy Cartwright
2016: Dan Castellaneta
2009: John Cleese
2020: George Clooney
2019: Glenn Close
2004: Imogene Coca
2020: Joan Collins
2015: Perry Como
2000: Bill Cosby **
2019: Bryan Cranston
2010: Walter Cronkite
2020: Jane Curtin
2015: Joan Cusack

— D —

2006: Tyne Daly
2017: Ted Danson
2016: Ruby Dee
2014: Patty Duke

— F —

2018: Edie Falco
2006: Peter Falk
2013: Michael J. Fox
2020: Dennis Franz

— G —

2019: Judy Garland
2006: James Garner
2019: Estelle Getty
2004: Jackie Gleason
2017: John Goodman
2015: Kelsey Grammer
2000: Andy Griffith

— H —

2013: Larry Hagman
2007: Valerie Harper
2019: Jim Henson
2012: Bob Hope

— K —

2018: Carol Kane
2020: DeForest Kelley
2007: Don Knotts
2019: Lisa Kudrow

— L —

1998: Angela Lansbury
1999: Vicki Lawrence
2000: Cloris Leachman
2009: David Letterman
2018: Judith Light
2017: John Lithgow
2017: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

— M —

2018: William H. Macy
2000: Penny Marshall
2008: Rue McClanahan
2017: Laurie Metcalf
2018: Helen Mirren
2005: Elizabeth Montgomery
1997: Mary Tyler Moore
2012: Agnes Moorehead
2017: Rita Moreno
2011: Edward R. Murrow

— N —

1999: Bob Newhart
2015: Nichelle Nichols
2016: Leonard Nimoy

— O —

2004: Carroll O’Connor

— R —

2020: Phylicia Rashad
2006: Donna Reed
2000: Diana Rigg
2014: John Ritter
2006: Fred Rogers

— S —

2006: Isabel Sanford
2018: Jerry Seinfeld
2017: Tom Selleck
2020: Jane Seymour
2019: Garry Shandling
2008: William Shatner
2016: Cybill Shepherd
2011: Dinah Shore
2014: Phil Silvers
2011: Red Skelton
2017: Jean Smart
2014: Ann Sothern
2004: Jean Stapleton
2019: Jon Stewart
2020: David Suchet
2012: Ed Sullivan

— T —

2015: George Takei
2006: Lily Tomlin
2019: Rip Torn
2009: Alex Trebek
2015: Cicely Tyson

— V —

2000: Dick Van Dyke
2007: Vivian Vance

— W —

2010: Barbara Walters
1999: Betty White
2016: Robin Williams
2013: Oprah Winfrey
2018: Henry Winkler
2015: Alfre Woodard

— Y —

2020: Loretta Young
2012: Robert Young


* – In 1990, Roseanne Barr was caught up in a controversy over the singing of the National Anthem of the United States. She followed that with a number of other racially and religiously controversial statements and skits over her tumultuous career. This culminated in 2018 when Barr made unconscionable comments comparing a staff member in the Barack Obama White House comparing her to an ape. This comment was crass, racist, and indefensible and she was removed from her own reboot of the significant 1980s/1990s sitcom bearing her name. Roseanne’s toxic behavior has been consistent over much of her career and while we seldom have defended her actions, we acknowledge that she was an integral part of the television landscape of the late 1980s and early 1990s regardless of whichever controversy she drummed up. Her comments in 2018 are utterly unforgiveable and her legacy is permanently and appropriately tarnished as a result.
** – In 2014, culminating in a conviction in 2018, Bill Cosby was accused of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. These accusations are incredibly serious and cannot be dismissed. Bill Cosby’s induction in 2000 was in recognition of his decades of television work that elevated the potential of Black actors on the small screen in shows like I Spy, Fat Albert, and his own The Cosby Show. Regardless of these achievements, Cosby’s name is now irrevocably linked with his heinous behavior and while his reason for induction is not changed by his actions, it is tarnished by them.